Updated 7/24/2018

Improvements to the wireless network are underway. The primary outdoor wireless network name (SSID) is now Main_Pier_Mesh, and additional access points have been installed. This will eliminate the need for south end owners having to use the Repeater, which has been a bit flaky as of late. Most people will want to change their wireless settings to "forget" the MAIN_PIER_MARINA network and then connect to the new one. Inside the clubhouse you will find the MAIN_PIER_MARINA network still exists because the outdoor network may not be satisfactory for some devices, in which case we suggest you set the device to only connect manually (instead of "connect automatically).   Both access points will have the same key (password), which is posted inside the clubhouse and may change from time to time (please note that the current password is all lower case). 

Technical Tips:
Wireless signals can have a hard time penetrating the fiberglass hulls of boats, especially at or below the waterline. While you can expect reasonable signal on the boardwalks and out on deck, you may experience problems inside the boat. For laptops, you might consider getting a USB wireless adapter that has a remote wired antenna that you can set outside and as high as practical. (Unfortunately no such workaround is readily available for cell phones and tablets). While you may get adequate signal strength from the access points in your location, performance will vary based on your device’s signal strength back to the receiver. Some devices like online game systems demand a lot of bandwidth, performance may vary based on the number of internet users at that time. 

If you encounter issues with the wireless service, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.