Winter simply won't leave Oscoda. This weekend we have another winter storm warning, and are expecting 8 or more inches of heavy snow. We've seen ice form overnight more often than not, with overnight temps hitting the teens.

This translates to a later start than normal. Water will get turned on and spring poles will start going in as soon as weather permits, but we have no timing yet. Trash pickup service is scheduled to begin April 27th, and porta potties are planned to be in service on May 1. 

Stay tuned, we will get on the water this year! (And hopefully ice will be something floating in cocktails, not boat slips...)

Aquatic Nuisance Plant Control will be treating the marina in mid-July for managing the invasive weeds per DEQ procedures.

Please review the document linked below regarding the weed treatment for the marina channels. 

2017 Weed Treatment Document

The company website is

The pump out system is now operational. Please follow the instructions that are posted, if you need help ask around from one of the seasoned members. 

Please make sure there are no feminine napkins or paper towel waste in your tank, they plug the system requiring costly disassembly and repair. Be sure to use rv/marine 2 ply toilet paper which is made to break down quickly and go through pump out mechanisms. 

There is an adapter for many types of portable potties as well. Please use the pump out system for these and do not dump porta potti waste in the portable johns located around the marina. 

Main Pier Marina is proud to offer wireless internet to the co-owners, lessees and guests. Beginning in Spring 2017, we have a dedicated business class internet connection. Wireless access should be available at all locations. Inside the clubhouse and around the north end of the marina, set your wireless device to the MAIN_PIER_MARINA network (ssid). In the south end, you should use the MAIN_PIER_REPEATER network. Both access points will have the same key (password), which is posted inside the clubhouse and may change from time to time (please note that the password is all lower case). 

Technical Tips:
Wireless signals can have a hard time penetrating the fiberglass hulls of boats, especially at or below the waterline. While you can expect reasonable signal on the boardwalks and out on deck, you may experience problems inside the boat. For laptops, you might consider getting a USB wireless adapter that has a remote wired antenna that you can set outside and as high as practical. (Unfortunately no such workaround is readily available for cell phones and tablets). While you may get adequate signal strength from the access points in your location, performance will vary based on your device’s signal strength back to the receiver. Some devices like online game systems demand a lot of bandwidth, performance may vary based on the number of internet users at that time. 

If you encounter issues with the wireless service, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bill Fife, a long time member of Main Pier Marina (circa 1994) passed away Friday, April 7, 2017 at his home at age 75. Bill has been an asset to the LHS and the marina for many years. Gary Howell noted "I don't think I could say enough about this man and the family he has, truly some of the most personable people I have met".

Bill's obituary including funeral arrangements can be found on the Lux Funeral Homes website.

The marina is making slip 75 available to members for a great price - only $500! 

Slips in this section are 26' long and 11' 3" from spring pole to center of finger dock, to accommodate boats up to  a 10' beam.

Contact George Kontos to lock in this deal.

Marina Layout click here. 

It is required that shore power (the line from the pedestal to your boat) be marine designed and properly connected. A marine shore power cord differs form your home or RV outdoor cords primarily in the boat connection side. These cords have a secure locking mechanism (usually a locking ring, though newer ones have clips). The locking mechanism provides a secure physical connection plus properly engages the weatherproof seal. 

West Marine has an excellent article on boating electrical - see #3 in their "Ten Deadly Conditions" advisory about the use of the locking ring for shore power.

See Gerry Giles for options on available marina discounts on cords, inlets and other boating accessories and supplies. 

Did you know there is an AED in the clubhouse? AED stands for Automated External Defibrillator, and the Reviver AED has clear verbal instructions that walk you through the process, step-by-step. Please check out this You Tube introduction to the Reviver: 

The video is only an overview. The manufacturer and the Red Cross strongly recommend that people seek formal training. The red Cross offers both online and classroom training at an affordable cost, visit their training webpage HERE. A training dvd from the manufacturer is also available at the clubhouse in the rack just left of the AED.


Main Pier Marina AED
Main Pier Marina AED