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On July 26, 2018 the marina was again treated for weed control. The company has provided an interesting document for your reading.

Click here to view "Risk/Benefit Statement - Important Information that Makes Sense".

Updated 7/24/2018

Improvements to the wireless network are underway. The primary outdoor wireless network name (SSID) is now Main_Pier_Mesh, and additional access points have been installed. This will eliminate the need for south end owners having to use the Repeater, which has been a bit flaky as of late. Most people will want to change their wireless settings to "forget" the MAIN_PIER_MARINA network and then connect to the new one. Inside the clubhouse you will find the MAIN_PIER_MARINA network still exists because the outdoor network may not be satisfactory for some devices, in which case we suggest you set the device to only connect manually (instead of "connect automatically).   Both access points will have the same key (password), which is posted inside the clubhouse and may change from time to time (please note that the current password is all lower case). 

Technical Tips:
Wireless signals can have a hard time penetrating the fiberglass hulls of boats, especially at or below the waterline. While you can expect reasonable signal on the boardwalks and out on deck, you may experience problems inside the boat. For laptops, you might consider getting a USB wireless adapter that has a remote wired antenna that you can set outside and as high as practical. (Unfortunately no such workaround is readily available for cell phones and tablets). While you may get adequate signal strength from the access points in your location, performance will vary based on your device’s signal strength back to the receiver. Some devices like online game systems demand a lot of bandwidth, performance may vary based on the number of internet users at that time. 

If you encounter issues with the wireless service, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

While we had a late spring that delay launching boats for many, it is well past time for all boats to be removed from the parking areas. If you are unable to launch your boat, you must retrieve it and take it elsewhere. Boats left in parking areas are subject to towing and storage at the owner's expense. 

In the next several weeks a paving company will be working on filling cracks and voids, plus addressing a sinkhole in the southwest lot and a pothole in the west road (which is a private road not maintained by the city or county). The work will be done during the week, which should minimize any inconvenience of most slip owners. 

Updated 1pm Friday June 8: Charter replaced the modem, and as of noon the internet is up and running again. Please notify This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any problems you encounter. Some people may have to use the "forget" function on their wireless network connection and re-enter the password because of the hardware change. 

As of sometime yesterday evening there is no internet working. You may be able to connect to the wireless however it does not finish the connection to the web. Charter/Spectrum is working on the problem. The estimated time for service restoration is early afternoon on Friday. 


Aquatic Nuisance Plant Control

Northern Division

Lake Treatment Notification


Spraying  herbicides in a canal

Main Pier Condo Marina is scheduled to have a pondweed and algae treatment on Monday, June 4, 2018, weather permitting.

The yellow signs with water-use restrictions will be posted prior to the treatment.  If there are any changes to this schedule we will send a follow-up email.

Thank you,

Aquatic Nuisance Plant Control/Northern Division



Get the Answers to the Most Asked Questions.

What about swimming after the application?  Can we eat the fish? What if my cat or dog drinks treated water?  Etc. . .
Frequently Asked Questions

"Why Aquatic Herbicides Affect Aquatic Plants and Not You"

Text publication complementing an in depth power-point/slide presentation regarding the relationship between herbicide toxicity and humans compared to plants by Dr. Carole A.  Lembi, Purdue University.

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Aquatic Nuisance Plant Control/Northern Division
Aquatic Nuisance Plant Control/Northern Div., 3930 Perry Holt Road, West Branch, MI 48661, MI 48661

The outdoor wireless issue has been resolved. The outdoor access point had failed and has now been replaced. Most people should find either the main wifi or the repeater one to be adequate for their needs 

In the coming weeks we will be doing an overall site assessment to map wifi strength throughout the marina. Wherever we find poor signal we will develop a plan to add additional outdoor access points.

There are also 4 wired ethernet jacks inside the clubhouse for those that might need to connect with a wire. An ethernet cable is available near the TV, please be sure to return it when you are finished. 

April 23 is the first night where the temperatures are not expected to drop below freezing. Barring any unforeseen issues, the water will be turned on by the end of the week! 

Check your mail in the next several days for our Spring Newsletter. There is some good information for you including the dates and times of our owners meetings and holiday potluck parties.

Hope to see you soon!